What a successful Grand Opening Day for


Gaming is such a special part of us, so we're here to re-vamp the NZ gaming community and provide a sanctuary for gamers to hang out, play and connect with each-other in a safe and friendly environment.

Comradery and rivalry are at the heart of the gaming community. Trying to beat high scores, defeat legendary bosses, get those epic headshots and become the best - think of us as the 'Gamer's Gym!' 

We have met some of the best and closest people through video-games. Without gaming we simply wouldn't of had the chance to spend time with such great people from all over the globe and we can't imagine the youth of today not having these same opportunities, so the answer?


Pixel Lounge.


We hope you enjoy Pixel Lounge as much as we do.

-ShaQ & Scrax



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